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    Is tea better to drink than coffee

    Tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee, and while both are stimulants, coffee has better a much bigger depressing effect ( not making you sad but reducing your energy levels) than tea, meaning that while both tea and coffee will give you a bigger rush of caffeine, with coffee, the high will also last shorter and drop quicker. about 75% drank coffee, while about 40% reported drinking tea. drinking more than one cup of tea regularly was linked to less buildup of calcium in arteries that supply blood to the heart, a. overall, people who drink three cups a day appear to have a 37% lower risk of depression than those who do not drink tea. there is some evidence that tea can soothe your short, yes, tea is healthier than coffee. can cbd oil help migraines. this is of course not to say that coffee is bad. the benefits of drinking tea, however, may outweigh the possible benefits of drinking coffee, unless the goal is to receive a large dose of caffeine.

    coffee and is tea better to drink than coffee black tea are among the world’ s most popular beverages, but you may wonder whether one is healthier than the better other. this article compares coffee and black tea to help you decide which. if it sounds like i' m biased, it' s because i am: tea is better than coffee. i' m not just saying that because – full disclosure – i' m drinking a cup of tea right now. i' m saying it because i.

    Is tea better to drink than coffee
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    Is tea better to drink than coffee

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